How To Portable Carpet Cleaning

Truckmounted carpet cleaning is of course the best way to have your home or office carpet cleaned. Not everyone can use the system however so the second best system would be affordable carpet cleaning system. If you need to have your carpet cleaned and a truckmounted cannot reach your carpet, here’s what you should look for in a company that uses portable carpet cleaning systems.
Just because you can’t use a truckmounted does not mean the cannot get an acceptable corporate job done. You will, however, have to live with if you side effects of using a portable system. Those side effects are that it will take longer to clean and it will take longer to dry as well. Knowing that, let’s continue.
The ideal portable for hot water extraction will have sufficient vacuum and pressure. The system will be balanced so that’s it has enough vacuum power to extract the water that is being injected into the carpet. For this reason, the ideal portable system should have a pump capable of producing about 300 pounds per square inch. To fully extract this water the system should have at a minimum duel two-stage vacuums. Ideally it will have duel three stage vacuums. As far as he goes, the system should either utilize a propane powered water heating system or should simply use the hottest available tap water available. Electric heating systems on portables are not effective and cannot keep up with the water flow requirements.
If a company is proud of the system they use, they will have no problem explaining it to you in detail. So, do not be afraid to ask about the type of portable system being used by a company. If they blow off your questions or are reluctant to go into details, pass and move on to another company. After all, there is no shortage of carpet cleaners in this country.

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