The Stair Carpet Cleaning

A question that I get, more often than you would think, is can RR carpet be cleaned? Well, the answer isĀ  a resounding Yes. RR carpet is actually quite easy to clean for a steam carpet cleaning company. The problem with cleaning stairs is generally for dry carpet cleaners. Dry carpet cleaning companies equipment is usually ill suited for the task of cleaning vertical surfaces.
Stair carpeting, when cleaned with the steam cleaning method, is cleaned either with the standard floor wand or with a specialty stair cleaning wand. The proffered way is with a stair cleaning wand because it is much easier to handle and can reach into smaller areas than the regular floor wand can. Stair wands are normally about 1/3 the size of a standard floor cleaning wand and will have a smaller cleaning head. Many of them will also have a swivel assembly near the head to allow for it to adjust to different cleaning angles. Stairs cleaned with a specialty tool such as this will wind up cleaner and drier than those cleaned with a regular wand.
Still, many carpet cleaners insist on using a regular wand to clean stairs. This can work, but is slightly awkward because of the angles needed to clean stairs. If using a floor wand to clean stairs, your carpet cleaner should be careful of pictures and photos on nearby walls. If you are a carpet cleaner who does not use a specialty stair tool, consider purchasing one. For a couple hundred dollars, you can save yourself lots of grief and provide a better service for your customers.

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