The Steam Cleaning Carpet

If you are looking to have your carpet in your home or office cleaned, you need to hire a carpet steam cleaner. There are several reasons for this. Here are just a few of the major ones, although there are many more.

It is safer.    Many of the dry cleaning methods on the market depend on solvents and petrochemicals. When you use these chemicals and have no real rinsing step, you can have a health issue. This is particularly true with those who are chemically sensitive.
It is recommended by mills.     Steam carpet cleaning is recommended by most mills. This means that in some cases, using a method other than steam cleaning can actually void your carpets warranty. Check with your carpet manufacturer to see if steam cleaning is recommended or required.
It cleans better.  This is the number one reason to use a steam cleaner. You just can not beat 200 plus degree heat to get your carpet cleaned. Hot water makes chemicals more effective and can literally melt away greasy and oily stains. Couple this with the powerful rinsing action of steam and hot water extraction systems and you get a powerful cleaning method.

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